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HR Interview Questions Answers for Freshers, Well if you a fresher, no problem ! everyone is a fresher at the beginning of their carrier whether you an MBA HR or Graduate or an Engineer. Everyone will have to go through this phase and it is quite important because what you will learn in this duration/tenure this will improve you, boost your skills and will help you in future to develop yourself. Here I will share my personal experience and the experience of other candidates those have gone through this phase around me. Let’s Digg in.

HR Interview Questions Answers

HR Interview Questions Answers
HR Interview Questions Answers

Top 10 HR Interview Questions Answers are:

Question 1: Introduce Yourself?

Answer: You can start with “My name is” or with “myself “. Then start your educational qualification, professional qualifications brief details. Then, about your family- your father and mother occupation, elder or younger siblings current status like, studying or doing job etc. Then introduce about working experience from the first one to the latest organization experience. Also, don’t forget to mention your special achievement of schooling or working duration.

Question 2: Why do you want to Join our company?

Answer: This is very important and tricky question actually? Before answering this question, you need to know the history, background, mission, and vision of the company. And also, you need to answer this question from your personal point of view, that you need a job for money for the better start of a carrier or to learning point of view.

Note:- Never intentionally or not intentionally be a money minded person o get a job, 99% will be of rejection, just be genuine and say truth whatever it is.


Question 3: What do you know about our company?

Answer: As question suggested, to answer this question, first of all, you must have basic knowledge, history, mission and vision of the company. Company dealing in which sector. How much is the turnover of the company? Who is the MD or CEO of the company? You can get all these answers from the official website of that company, where you are going for an interview.

Question 4: Why should we hire you?

Answer: This question’s answer is very short and simple. To answer this question you will have to show your strengths. Your technical or working knowledge of the applied profile. Never give any arrogant answer’s so the interviewee can be disappointed with you

Never be a money-minded guy. Yes, money is important! money matters but at this stage of your carrier(as a fresher ) NOT. Here at this stage of your carrier, you will have to show your theoretical educational knowledge into a practical work experience. So that in next five-six years you can have a strong base.

Question 5: Questions related to Your education/field?

Answer: To answer this answer, I don’t think I should explain to you. Only your needs to do is to answer very straightforward clear-cut answers to the asked answers. If you don’t know any question’s answer, simply say Sorry sir/Ma’am, I don’t know this question’s answer. Never try to manipulate the interviewee or trying to give wrong answers. Answer only if you are confident about the answers. The last HR Interview Questions Answers is below.

Question 6: What is your expected Salary or time you need to join us?

Answer:  If you’re a fresher then you can ask roundoff what they have given the job details and salary offered. Never say too much-expected salary, you may be lost your job chance. Say or use the negotiable word while answering. And, if you are an experienced person you can ask for 10-15% hike on your current CTC( Salary) or may vary the hike Percentage subject to the job profile and salary offered.

I hope these HR Interview Questions Answers helped you. You can also find all latest jobs from the We here at HRDinfo wishes you good luck for the interview &  for your Bright future. Cheers!