Interview Tips: Complete Process of Interview by HR

Interview Tips: Complete Process of Interview by HR:  Interview a word by which almost everyone is afraid of whether that is a private employee or a government employee. Everyone has to clear “Interview”. Here in Interview tips series, we will discuss briefly the complete process of interview. Later on in another post, we will discuss in deep for each and every category and every aspect of the interview. Interviewee and interviewer are the two main factor under Interview tips. But in the deep study about the interview, you will get to know more.
Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Interview Tips: Interview call:

Job seekers usually applied for numbers of a job through different jobs portal like, indeed, Monoester, and shine and on many more portals. And jobseeker may receive a call for the job interview at any time from anyone recruiters or employer/company. At that time candidate must remember, for which post or profile you have applied. Usually, the candidate didn’t remember.  You need to take care of these things/points when you will receive an interview call.

  • Be calm
  • Listen carefully
  • Speak slowly
  • Do not interrupt while other is speaking
  • Understand what they ask and then reply.
  • Keep a pen and notepad nearby you.
  • Always try to note, like an address or contact number.
  • Do not say anything worthless- think before you speak.
  • Ask for a call back from your side, if you need time to think.
  • Ask for your job profile, if needed.
  • Be polite, use words like, okay, thank you, my pleasure etc.

These are few very small but effective interview tips you need to follow while answering any interview call.

Preparation for Interview:

After receiving interview call and fixing interview schedule, now a candidate must be fully prepared for the interview by mentally, physically, technically. Candidate must evaluate the time needed and other basic requirements to prepare himself/herself for the interview. Candidate (Interviewee) should take care of these points as mentioned below while preparing for an interview.

  • Resume: First and most important thing is your resume, keep your resume up to date. Format, Fonts etc. on your resume must be same and simple. Your email Id, mobile numbers should be active. If possible try to use resume in PDF format.
  • Make yourself ready, physically and mentally. Find a way to reach your interview location like by bus, by train etc.
  • Documentations: Ready your all educational qualifications documents, your experience letters (if any) and all other documents like certificates or of any other achievements, also short them by your qualifications from minimum to maximum like from 10th or 12th standard to graduation or your highest qualifications
  • Be on time: Always be on time at your interview location, if possible try to reach 30 minutes or so before on time. This shows your punctuality.
  • Dressing Sense: Many job seekers especially fresher’s don’t comes to an interview in formal. They use casual dress. Formal dress puts a significant example and image also shows etiquettes.
  • Mobile Phone: you may have seen “Put your Mobile on silent mode” at any location, especially in companies. So always put your mobile on silent mode or switch off until your interview finishes. Receiving phone calls or messages alerts during your interview puts a negative impact on your profile and that is definitely not a good sign not for you nor for your profile.
  • Interview Tips: Entry: Never enter directly into the interview room. Always ask first, use “May I come in”. This puts a positive impact on the interviewer.  Sit properly, don’t make noise by revolving chair or so.

Interview Tips- During Interview:

Almost every interviewee feels nervous, uncomfortable and panic. This may be due to lack of confidence or maybe interviewee is a fresher. At this point, interviewee needs to calm his/her nerve.

  • Should take long breathe?
  • Stop thinking XYZ.
  • Sit properly and answer carefully.
  • Listen carefully
  • Answer properly
  • Say sorry, if you don’t know the answer.
  • Eye contact.
  • Answer with confidence

Interview Tips- After Interview:

After an interview, whether it was good or not. The interviewee should take care of these things while coming out from the interview room.

  • Stand calmly
  • Say thank you.
  • Adjust the chair properly.
  • Open & shut the door calmly.

Interview Tips- Abbreviations:

Fresher’s candidates may not be aware of few words, hence explaining below in simple language.

Interviewee: Interviewee is a technical word used by HR, Interviewee mean “the candidate”. A candidate who is facing or giving his/her interview. That is called Interviewee.

Interviewer: Interviewer is the person who will take the interview. Company’s HR representative is called the interviewer.

CV/Resume: CV (Curriculum Vitae) is the 3-4 papers document. CV is for experienced job seekers. IN CV their education, experience, job profile etc. are mentioned. While in Resume only basic information of the job seeker candidate preferred by fresher’s because they don’t have any experience.


There are the few Interview tips for freshers and experienced job seekers. For any query please feel free to contact use by commenting below in the given box.